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Facebook Live and Instagram Stories: New Social Media Tools Grow Your Business

My Marketing Manager Kim James and I were geeking out on Facebook’s latest tool, Facebook Live. And we’re just as excited about Instagram Stories.

These tools can help you create a live broadcast experience for your target audiences. We feel they can make a big difference for your business.

If you’re a Facebooker, you’ve probably seen your friends post live video broadcasts on their Facebook page. In just a few easy steps on a mobile device, a person can capture a live event, give a presentation or broadcast commentary. The possibilities are endless.

Live social broadcast, now for business

We’ve been excited because they recently included this feature on business pages, not just personal pages. So if you have a business page, you can now use social media applications such as Facebook Live, Instagram Stories or Periscope to enhance your digital identity.

Tools like these are an easy, powerful way to build a virtual relationship with clients and prospects.

So what is it?

Facebook Live is a tool that allows you to broadcast in real time to your Facebook friends and followers. Similar to Snapchat or Periscope for Twitter, it offers many of the same tools and functionality.

What should I talk about?

If you’re like me, you’re not sure about what to talk about in a live environment. I’ve addressed this by working with a teammate who can help me come up with relevant topics and ideas. I often work with our Marketing Manager, Kim James, to pull together topics of interest to our audiences.

If you’re providing a product or service, you could broadcast a live event that would allow your contacts to ask questions – in real time — about things you’re doing in your business. Businesses can use live online events very effectively to build passionate consumers of their brand or product.

Tune in for Mavidea Facebook Live events

At Mavidea, one of our goals is to pursue greater transparency for our business. We believe that the better you know us, and the higher your comfort level, the more likely you are to like us and want to trust us with your business.

That’s why we’re adding tools like Facebook Live and Instagram Stories to our social media marketing strategy.

Sometimes, you might catch a slice of life as we live it at Mavidea. We’ll also be announcing Facebook live events with some of our in-house technical gurus. While we’re live, you’ll get our latest insights on subjects like search engine ranking systems and optimization.

Or, you might learn how to increase uptime and prepare your IT investment for the future with our crack IT Solutions team. You might even get a behind-the-scenes look at how to build a website with our web design team.

As a bonus, viewers can interact with and ask questions of our presenters during broadcasts.

Like our Facebook page or sign up below to receive times and dates of future events.

No better time to go live

So what topics could your business go live with? What value could you add to your friends and prospects lives and businesses?

I encourage you to ask them this question directly.

Here’s the payoff:  If you can get to market with a live broadcast strategy before your competitors, you’ll have the inside track on establishing your business as a tech-savvy, accessible authority in your field.

That’s the secret advantage of the new social media tools. If you can be first in, you’ll put everyone else in a position of playing catch up.

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