Meet the Team

Meet Our Team

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Our Credo

As Mavideans, we share our laughter with others, we put others needs before our own, & we do what's right, the right way, at the right time.

Our Team

Erik Barnlund

Chief Culture Officer

Jake Davis

Chief Operating Officer

Jamie Warmbir

Director of Client Happiness

Michael Somers

Web Entrepreneur

Jason Lerblance

SEO Guru

Susie Vigil

Zoo Keeper

Jeffrey Shelton

Senior Network Ninja

Rebecca Barber

Developer of Web Happiness

Kim James

Marketing Manager

Eric Even

Senior Network Technician

Michael Cluney


André Ellis Jr

Full Stack Developer of Greatness

Nick Juliano


Ron Gould

Senior Network Technician

Kimmy Mascari

Internet Marketing Adviser

Liz Fornero


Our Values

Core values

We have a sense of humor, care about people, and do what's right.

Aspirational values

Be disciplined, serve with humility, finish what we start, own our results, focus on the positive, be good stewards, and be even better tomorrow.