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Importance and Benefits of Business Text Messaging

Many businesses struggle to connect with their customers and prospects in a meaningful way. The average office worker receives 121 emails per day¹. Between phone calls, emails, and meetings—there isn’t enough time, and most emails get buried or deleted.

Small businesses invest substantially to promote their businesses with a sales team AND to maintain happy customers with a customer service team. As more emails are sent (estimated to increase to 320 billion in 2021²), it will become harder to get in touch with customers and prospects.

Business texting provides a new way to communicate with your customers. While just 45% of emails are read per day, 98% of texts are read³. Email is an over-saturated market—business texting is newer and underutilized by small/medium businesses. Business texting gives you a competitive advantage against your competition.

There are many benefits for small and medium-sized businesses including faster responses, higher customer satisfaction rates, and better conversations. No matter the industry, every business can benefit from a business texting service like Beetexting.

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What is Business Texting?

Business text messaging is a short messaging service (SMS) that allows two-way conversations between business employees and customers. Once it is enabled, the business text messaging feature gives customers and prospects a way to easily reach out or respond to a business right from their text-message-enabled phone or from their computer desktop⁴.

Businesses use this service for many different communication needs. Primarily, it’s used for sales and/or service. It’s also been used for internal team communication, marketing, admin, and more.


Sales professionals use business texting to engage with prospects and have better and more meaningful conversations. Using their phone or computer, sales professionals send short messages to prospects. The messages are stored on the app, and viewable by others in the business as well. In addition, a sales professional can add a team member to the text conversation, transfer the conversation, and more. For sales, business texting is efficient and effective to stay in touch with prospects, and most prospects prefer this form of communication.


Customer service teams love that business text messaging gives customers an additional option to engage support, but without adding complexity to their day. Because it’s an online service that works similar to your email inbox, it’s easy to organize customer accounts, assign reps to different customer requests, and more.

Other Departments

Business texting has features that help just about every department interact more easily with customers, and get better results such as more responses, more paid invoices, happier customers, and more aligned internal communication.

Accounting: Pay by text options and payment reminders.

Marketing: Tagging ability, mass text capabilities, auto-responders, scheduled texts, and more.

Teams: Communicate easily with your team. Currently, many people work from home, and texting is a great tool for fast and effective communication with team members. In addition, teams that are primarily mobile (think realtors, construction, etc.) benefit greatly because texting is easy and fast communication.

Advantages of Business Texting over Email

The most well-known advantage to business texting is increased read/open rates on texts vs. email. Although very important and noteworthy, there are many additional advantages that, when coupled with better open-rates, make business texting a great choice for small/medium businesses:


Texting is less formal than email or phone calls and allows both employees and prospects to have informal and relaxed conversations. This is less time-intensive for both parties.

Business texting has many features to help you communicate faster, including saved templates, conversations, pinning, tags, and more.

Specifically, templates are a major advantage—create templates for your most frequently used messages. With templates, you can quickly message several prospects the same message. You can maintain relationships with more customers/prospects in less time.

Preferred Communication Method

We know people prefer text over email/phone, and they feel the same way at their jobs. Whether at home or work, people prefer communicating by text over a phone call or email.


Texting is fast, and therefore easier for customers to send short messages and get help when they need it. It gives customers another way to contact you. Depending on their industry, texting becomes more convenient for many industries including realty, construction, healthcare, and more. It also caters to a younger generation that's more comfortable texting.

It's important to note that business texting doesn't replace emails and phone calls, but gives both you and customers another way to communicate with each other however customers feel most comfortable and is the most convenient.

Thankfully, it creates little to no extra work for you and your team. Incoming texts can be answered from your desktop computer or your mobile device, and notifications appear in your team's inboxes.

No "Junk" Folder

When you send an important email to your clients...how often do you think "I hope this makes it to their inbox"? Business texting offers an "opt-out" feature just like email's unsubscribe, but it doesn't hide messages in a separate folder.

Important update: many of you may have been using Zipwhip for business text messaging. This software is officially being shutdown on November 30th, 2022. Our partner Beetexting is a great choice with very comparable features and pricing to Zipwhip. Learn more

Most Popular Features

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Beetexting business texting is a full-feature texting service for any size business that wants better conversations with their customers. Here are some features:

The Communication Advocate

Texting Software for Business with Emotional Intelligence.

Your personal advocate that guides you in crafting the right message with delivery delay, reflection, listener reports and much more. This feature is great for service teams that need help answering customer requests with a good attitude and humble spirit. Watch Demo for Communication Advocate

  • Message delivery delay
  • Reflection during delay
  • Good listener reports
  • Answering without hearing
  • Proud speech alert
  • Grumbler alert
  • Conflict resolution
  • Testimony template

Team Texting Platform

We give you a direct path to customers and let them choose how they want to communicate. Watch the demo 

  • Text enabling existing line
  • Create new numbers on the fly
  • Shared inboxes
  • Filter inboxes
  • Internal notes
  • Quick replies
  • Claim conversations

Collaboration + Teamwork

Collaboration and teamwork are at the center of your success. Beetexting was designed with your team in mind. Connecting with customers and each other has never been easier.

  • Group messaging
  • Contacts like on a personal phone
  • Contact notes
  • Send documents + photos + videos
  • Message send + receive

Deepen Customer Relationships with Business Text Messaging

Beetexting offers everything your business needs to create frequent and meaningful conversations with customers and prospects. To get started for free, go to Beetexting.com to sign up for your free trial.

Have questions? Check out the Beetexting FAQ page for tons of helpful information.

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