IT Solutions

Increase office productivity and decrease time spent on your technology, using Mavidea’s IT Solutions. We create a seamless work environment for your business through Managed IT Services, Cloud Services, VoIP Phone Systems and so much more.

Managed IT 

Escalate productivity for your office with Mavidea. You receive the functionality and support of a full IT department at a fraction of the cost. Our holistic approach to your network covers proactive technology management, network administration, reactive support services, and technology planning.

Microsoft Office 365

Increase worker mobility and equip your employees with top collaboration tools through Microsoft Office 365. No more outdated software or buying cycles – cloud is the better, easier, cheaper way of doing business. We can get you there through Microsoft Office 365.

Cloud Infrastructure

Moving your server(s) to the Cloud gives your business the freedom and power to worry less about security and ongoing hardware costs. The Cloud allows you to focus your team on hitting their goals and scaling your business.

HIPAA Risk Assessment

Protect your business by having a specialized IT risk assessment performed. Required by law, every health-related entity and all companies that do business with these entities must have an IT risk assessment performed.

VoIP Phone Systems

Start saving money today and get reliable, high-quality phone service that’s easy to set up. Your phones simply plug into your existing Internet connection, no additional wiring required.