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Dramatically Increase Sales from Your Website with These 7 Tips

The success of your website won’t be determined by your design or even how well-written your content is. Your website’s sales, and ultimately, the success of your website, relies on your customers.

When working on any aspect of your website, you need to put yourself in the shoes of your ideal customer. What are they looking for? What do they need from you to make the right decision? How can you lead them from interested visitor to loyal customer?

Buyer’s Journey

A buyer’s journey is the mental process a buyer/customer goes through to make a purchase. This process changes depending on your business’s product or service, but a standard buyers journey looks like:

Awareness – consideration – decision – post decision

When a potential customer has a problem they’re looking to fix or a need to be filled, they seek out a solution. After coming across your website, they become aware of your products or services that may be exactly what they’re looking for. They then consider based on their available options and the information they have from you and competitors and make a decision. The goal of your website is to increase the number of decisions made in favor of your business.

To get the most from your website visitor’s buying journey you need these 7 MUST HAVE areas to your website:

Call to action in the upper right hand corner of your site

A call to action lets your visitor know what they should do next. If you don’t have a call to action in the upper right hand corner, then you are missing out on valuable leads and sales!

An easy first step is having accurate contact information – phone numbers and/or an email address clearly listed.

Take it a step further to really increase engagement by including a call to action along with your phone number/email address. “Get Your Free Quote”, “Get Started”, “Find Your Home”. This text should link to a relevant contact page with a form for them to complete and submit. Whatever you choose for your call to action, make sure you deliver. Don’t offer a free quote if it will take you a whole week to get back in touch with them.

Consistent footer with contact information on every page

The footer is known for always containing contact information. Website visitors will usually navigate to the footer if they are actively looking for your phone number or physical address.

This information should be on the left-hand side of your footer and be very clear and easy to read. Including a map/directions button is also a great feature for the footer! If you have a brick and mortar storefront - you want to make it really easy for site visitors to find you!

Call to action at the bottom of every content page

If someone has taken the time to read through a page of content on your website, then you better be ready and waiting at the bottom of that page telling them the specific next step they need to take!

This can be as simple as “Call us today to get started ###-####” or a more thoughtful piece of content to download or a free quote. The key is to continue to lead them towards the goal of your website (complete a sale, schedule an appointment, etc.).

Blog that is updated consistently with new, valuable content

Yep – blogs are still really important.

Google wants to see updated content on your website regularly, and a blog is a great way to achieve that.

Customers will check out your blog to learn more about your business and what you have to offer them. A stale and outdated blog will do more harm than good. If you have a blog on your website, but it only has two posts…or no new posts in the last month,  it’s giving the impression that your site is a ghost town…and maybe your business is too.

Testimonials and/or examples of your work

The most powerful marketing is word of mouth. Sharing testimonials is a great way to add Word of Mouth to your website and show that you are good at what you do and that people have benefited from your service/product.

The more the merrier, but keep them relatively short and easy to read. If you can get a picture or video of your client – even better.

Social buttons

Do you have a social media account that you keep updated with fresh content? Add links to your website so that visitors can find your social sites and learn more about your business. A lot of people will visit a company’s Instagram or Facebook account to learn more about a business’s culture or see pictures of their products in use.

Someone monitoring your contact form

MOST IMPORTANT: someone who is monitoring your contact form and responding to inquiries within the same day of receiving them.

It’s incredible how often businesses leave money on the table because they have a contact form on their website, but no one is checking it. If you aren’t responding to potential customers who are trying to get more information to make their final decision, you’ll be left out of consideration.

Responding quickly matters! Your chances of closing a deal from your website decrease 10% after an hour of not responding to the visitor.

Implement these 7 changes today and see a measurable increase of sales and leads from you website! If your site is too outdated to make these changes, then it's time for a new site - get started today 888-898-8960

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