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Become a Successful Leader with These Two Things

Whenever the topic of leadership comes up I like to pass on a simple truth I was taught.

I call them The Two Things. They are simple to understand, simple to remember, and simple to see why these two things are it.

Still, they are not so simple to enact without fail. They take sacrifice at the most fundamental level. Self. They take you out of yourself. Away from you. Away from this world. They leave you with less self and more others.

successful leader

A good friend of mine taught me what leaders do.

Leaders do two things:

  1. Leaders lead by example
  2. Leaders serve those they lead

Search your experiences and you will hopefully find a leader in your life who does these two things well.


Anyone can lead

One thing to mention here is that anyone can lead. Power is not needed to lead. Authority is not needed to lead. Though power and authority will accrete to those who follow these two things. Do you want to be a leader? Are you doing these two things?

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