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Secrets to a Killer New Website…and Fast!

You’re paying somebody to design or redesign your website. Now you can focus on something else….don’t worry, because the new website will look EXACTLY how you want. It will be perfect! Right?

Right…but not without a little heavy lifting from you as well.

Yes, you’ve paid somebody to take care of the design work on your website. Of course, they’ll be doing most of the heavy lifting. That said, a great website requires teamwork. No designer can read your mind; they need your input! What can you contribute to your website? As a customer, what steps do you need to take to make sure your website looks the best, and on the first try?

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Do your Research

A little bit of research goes a long way. Take a look at your competitors’ websites and see what you like about them. It’s ok to draw your inspiration from another source. In fact, we encourage it. If you can find 3-5 websites for similar businesses that you like, or even LOVE, you’ve just identified a template for your designer. Find a website that you love the look and feel of? Send it over to your designer. They’ll thank you for it, and you’ll be much happier with the final product.

Identify your Top Three

Once you’ve given your designer a little bit of help determining what your ideal website looks like, you’ve got some more thinking to do. The next step? Determining the three most important things you want your website to communicate to potential customers. What message do you want your visitors to receive when they visit? Tell your designer, they’ll help you make sure customers get the message you want.

Create your Content

The last, and often toughest, step is creating great content.

This is the biggest stumbling block for most businesses when it comes to creating a new website, but it’s among the most important steps. Ideally, you’ll have all of the content ready to go. Doing so will speed up the website creation process tremendously. If you don’t have the time to sit down and write your own content, don’t be afraid to hire somebody to help out. Sit down with a writer for an hour, give them some guidelines and goals, and let them write your content for you. The earlier you have your content ready to go, the earlier your new site can go live!

The bottom line? The more you help your web designer, the more you help yourself. If you’re active and involved in the creative process, you’re far more likely to get the new website you dreamed of!

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