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Here at Mavidea we keep our eyes out for better/easier/cheaper ways of doing things.  We are also careful to test-drive new technology before making the recommendation to clients.  This gives us a good handle on potential issues, strengths and weaknesses of a solution, and most importantly making sure we can support it so there is a positive result for everyone.

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Our latest adventure led us to phone systems.  Our system was old and difficult to manage, expensive to add new handsets, and expensive to have all the lines from the phone company.  We needed a solution that fit with our business and offered a flexible and diverse feature set that we could manage without having to call in a competitor to figure out.  We looked at a lot of options including VoIP early on and were not impressed.  Fortunately our patience was rewarded and we found FreedomVoice to partner with.


This was a timely move since we are soon to be in a super-cool new office and with the new phone system the process of transferring things to the new office is simply:

  1. Unplug phone at old office
  2. Plug phone in at new office

No working with the phone company to move lines, no reconfiguring of the on-site system, nothing that will take hours of time better spent on other things.  Because of this flexibility, while the old office is being packed up and shipped out we won’t have to close down.  People can take their phones home, or use the smartphone app or use the PC software to still take calls and serve our clients from home for a couple days during the move process without anyone even knowing.

FeedomVoice online interface
FeedomVoice online interface

One of the best things about this system is that individual users can manage most of the common features themselves without needing to contact any form of support.  If I need to change my forwarding or voicemail options I can do it myself on the fly.


Are you a small business that wants to look bigger?  This is a cost-effective way to do that.  The system easily scales as your business grows and you get an enterprise grade phone system without the enterprise cost.

Curious?  Let us know and we can set up a free live demo for you!

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