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Three Points to Consider When Crafting Your Digital Identity

A corporate digital identity is the face your business presents online. It’s created by what people see on your website and what you share on social media.

A digital identity gives people an idea about how you would relate to them in real life and in an actual business relationship. It’s the sum total of experiences that people have with you in online transactions, purchases, digital communications and more.

Smile! Your personality is showing.

Your business’ digital identity is how online prospects perceive the personality of your business. Is your business open and warm? Rugged and tough? Hip and happening? Smart and sophisticated?

Think about the tone of your content. The pictures and videos you post. How you interact with people – or don’t.

Every click, view and interaction shapes the image your contacts form of you along his or her customer journey.

Who are you? And why it counts.

For many people these days, your online presence is the first place they look to find information about your business.

If they look at your website, what will they discover about why they need your business? Will they be persuaded to take action or learn more?

What about your social media? Are you using your presence to build two-way communication with your audiences? Are you finding ways to show more of who you really are? Also, are you treating your followers like message recipients? Or like members of a community?

When your best prospects look at Instagram, how do the images you post show them you understand their dreams and lifestyle? Do they make them want to call you when they want services for their business?

What about hiring? Does your online presence inspire top caliber talent to come to you because they feel you share a common spirit?

Becoming intentional in the digital two-way mirror.

Whether it’s through customer experience, an online review or a news posting that involves your business -- people are watching whether you realize it or not.

They’re using what they see to confirm good feelings – or pass judgment -- on you and your business.

Today, it’s not choice. We all must be proactive and intentional about the way our businesses are perceived online. How to go about it? Well that’s a conversation we’d love to start!

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