Jamie Warmbir

This Week’s Ransomware and How to Protect Yourself

There was another major ransomware released this weekend called Wanna Cry.

As long as we continue to use computers and technology we will all have to deal with these threats to our businesses and organizations.

There are two key elements to being protected:

  • Technology systems
  • Human intelligence

Technology Systems

The basic technology systems are security software, automated patching, and backup systems.  With these in place you are protected and poised for rapid recovery from the unknown.  For Mavidea's IT Services clients you enjoy this posture of protection and preparedness.

Human Intelligence

Human intelligence is just as important if not more so than the technology systems.  Current threats seek to catch users unaware with legitimate looking email communications.  One wrong click can make for a very bad day.

The Origin

This current ransomware, and I expect, future variants, originates in email with malicious website links or infected PDF files attached.  Once initiated the ransomware encrypts your data, requests payment, and replicates across your network.  The Wanna Cry ransomware has been disabled but others will follow.

My recommendations to you are:

  • Establish a healthy skepticism to emails from unknown senders
  • Establish a healthy skepticism to emails with unexpected attachments
  • Establish a healthy skepticism to emails asking you to follow links
  • Work with a reputable IT Services firm to be secured and prepared

If you receive a seemingly legitimate email from an organization that you are familiar with asking you to follow a link to your account, don't use the link.  Go directly to the website of that business and log in as you typically would or call their customer service line.

Perhaps you are sent an unexpected attachment, seemingly from a known contact.  Inquire with the sender about what they sent and why.  It's better to be safe than sorry and a few extra minutes spent cannot compare to the multitude of costs recovering from ransomware.


Email continues to be a prime method of infection.  Be cautious, thoughtful, and overly careful when clicking links and opening documents from your inbox.

Be well,

Jamie Warmbir
Director of Client Happiness™

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