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Spider-Man Outside My Window

The way it feels to start work at Mavidea in the words of our newest employees.

Over the last year, we’ve dug deep into the topics of organizational health and culture. In my posts, and in our daily routines, we’ve really focused on the people side of our business.

I get asked a lot about why we put so much time, money and focus on the healthy cultural habits we’ve discussed in previous blog posts -- instead of those smart culture things most businesses believe are the keys to their success.

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New employee first impressions.

Recently, we were blessed with three new Mavideans. We’ve heard back from them with regard tohow their new job at this new company is going. And I’m humbled by some of the things they’ve shared.

I’ve always believed in the old saying that the proof is in the pudding. It’s great to hear from these great new people that it’s going so well. I’m excited for our readers to hear from them about their experience at Mavidea.

An interview with “Spider-Man”

Eric Even

Erik EvenSenior Network Technician

How did you become interested in working at Mavidea? I had been working a lot of nights and weekends and wanted to get into a normal human schedule. I knew a person who was already working here, and she spoke very highly of the place. So I thought I would look into it.

What was your first impression of Mavidea? On my first interview, Erik (Barnlund) appeared as Spider-Man outside the window. That’s how I knew I was looking in the right location. I came on board mid October.

What do you like most like about Mavidea? The people and the family-like environment. The people here are very welcoming. They enjoy their jobs instead of being stressed out by them. They really value people.

Another thing I like is that our company makes all of our resources available from the cloud. This means we can be available from anywhere. People can work from home if they don’t feel well or the weather is bad. So we can all stay productive and healthy and not take unnecessary risks.

Management, the middle ground, and the beauty of working with nerds

Michael Cluney

Michael Cluney, Network Technician and Technomancer

How did you become interested in working at Mavidea? I had been friends with Erik (Even) for some time. That’s partly why I came here. Because he had such good things to say about it. That, along with the experience I had during the interview. It was also an excellent career opportunity. I actually moved here from Peoria. I wouldn't have done that if I hadn't felt this was a career opportunity I wanted to invest in.

What was your first impression of Mavidea? The environment here is excellent! It’s more than just a coworker environment. It feels as if you’re friends with everyone. The people here make you feel like you’re appreciated and that you don’t just work here, you’re family.

I’m just getting acclimated from where I used to work. Being employed at Mavidea is very different from where I worked before. After I was here for a week or so, one of the things I discovered that’s very different about Mavidea is that we meet every week and we actually take a poll on how each of us is doing on a psychological level. We rate ourselves and the company really tries to find out how we can do things better.

I also enjoy the half hour one-on-one interviews my manager schedules with each of us every week. The difference is, the meeting is really not work related. In other places I've worked, a lot of times the middle ground is lost between a manager and employees. You hear from them if things go well or when things don’t. The middle ground is lost. This meeting allows us to develop more of a middle ground between us. It’s a way to establish a rapport that goes beyond the type of manager-staff relationship I've had in the past.

What do you like best about Mavidea? Everything from the people I work with to the tools I work with are better than anyplace I’ve ever worked in the past.

Best of all, the people I work with are all nerds. We all have similar interests and we’re quickly becoming friends. That makes Mavidea an extra special place to work.

A strong values presence


Michael Guarienti, Web Designer

How did you become interested in working at Mavidea? The culture attracted me. It’s a culture focused on giving to others. I initially met with Jake (Davis) and we had a nice conversation. He told me about Mavidea and what they do. They didn’t have anything at the time, but something came up down the road and I pounced on it.

It was also apparent from the way they interacted with others that they valued us as people.

What was your first impression of Mavidea? Through the initial training, I never felt like I was on my own. I always had strong support from my co-workers and management to help me get up to speed, without pressuring me. Throughout the process, everyone was easy going and relaxed.

What do you like best about Mavidea? I enjoy the work that I’m doing because I enjoy building websites. I also enjoy mega meetings where we interact with clients. I enjoy meeting them and I enjoy helping people. It’s nice to see the website process through -- to see the project progress from before to after. It’s always great to see the client’s finished product on the web.

What message would be helpful for other companies to know? If every company had a culture-driven workplace, they would benefit from a focus on doing the right thing instead of just making money. It helps to develop a system of values that the business can really stick to. At Mavidea, there’s a strong value presence. I really appreciate that as an employee and it pays off in the values we pass on in serving our customers.

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