Jake Davis

Happiness is a Choice.

Since I haven’t sent out a video in a while, I decided to find one:


This video is of Dennis Waitley and the part that struck me most was the very last.

Happiness is a choice.

He says you can’t be happy based on the results of what happens in your life.  You have to make a choice to be happy.  You have to decide that you are a happy person and view everything from that framework.

Good things happen….you’re happy.

“Bad” things happen…..you’re happy.

You have decided to be happy.

He talks about how his visits to Africa and seeing poverty and disease don’t make him unhappy.  He is still a happy person.

It just makes him more compassionate, less wasteful, and more passionate about trying to help others.

Like Jim Rohn says “It is the set of your sail that is the major factor in determining how your life turns out”.

Dennis is saying the same thing.  Set your sail to happy.