Halloween at Mavidea

Halloween at Mavidea

A little backstory… two items you need to know, dear readers, in order for today’s Mavidea post to make any sense.  The first is that Halloween is absolutely my favorite holiday.  I love the fall, the changing colors, apple cider, pumpkin anything, and the sunny days and cool, crisp nights.  And to me, the very best part about fall is Halloween.  The spookiness, haunted houses, ghost stories, costumes… I love it all.  Always have. 

The second thing you need to know is that Mavidea focuses on a new theme each quarter.  Typically, these themes are contests designed to heighten awareness about a certain area of business (though not always).  Last quarter, our theme was Healthy Habits.  We brought in speakers to talk about topics such as nutrition and ergonomics.  Mavidea also rewarded employees for trying new “healthy habits,” such as creating a budget, planting a garden, or getting 8 hours of sleep. 

Typically, our 4th quarter is our busiest.  Not because we necessarily have more new clients in the 4th quarter, but because a lot of our non-profit clients are trying to finish out the year and spend every dime in their budgets.  So, we get a lot of last minute projects in the 4th quarter.  Of course, we’re also still pushing hard to sign new clients up as well — you may have seen my tweets yesterday from the Independent Insurance Agents of Illinois’ tradeshow.  We had overwhelming interest in our online marketing services.  As a result, Mavidea decided to make the 4th quarter theme all about relaxation and fun.  As such, we decided that every Friday, over lunch, we’ll be doing something fun in the office.  We have food days, game tournaments, and today?  We’re watching one of my favorite Halloween movies (all Halloween movies are one of my favorite Halloween movies — favorite holiday, remember?), Sleepy Hollow.  Johnny Depp is brilliant in this movie (as he is in most of them).  And Christopher Walken as the Horseman?  How can you go wrong???

I’d love to hear what sorts of fun things you do for your staff…  how do you reward them for jobs well done?

Ok… back to my movie!