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Google AdWords Improvements and New Features

Over the last year, AdWords has rolled out several improvements to make ads more unique and valuable to the web searcher. They are focusing a lot of attention on improving their mobile ad extensions. Google is reporting that searchers have been twice as likely to click on the new interactive extensions.

Callout Extensions & Structured Snippet Extensions

Secondly, callout extensions and structured snippet extensions will now appear in-line with your ad-copy instead of on a line below, potentially taking up the space of another ad extension. This allows for both your callout/snippet extensions and clickable extensions such as sitelinks to be shown more regularly.

What does this mean to you?

For Mavidea SEO clients taking advantage of AdWords, this means there are more opportunities to reach searchers and get the right information in front of them using AdWords. We like to use every ad extension we can to maximum the size of your ad and the information shown to potential customers!

We are implementing these changes to your ads and excited to see the potential results.


If you have questions about your AdWords campaign(s), please reach out to us and we will gladly talk with you about your options and what’s best for your business’s ads.

Not currently using AdWords, but curious about it’s potential to help your business? Let’s setup a time to discuss your business and see what the competition looks like for your industry – we’ll give you a straightforward and honest answer if AdWords is a fit for your business.