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Becoming Servants of Wisdom

Fun and smart people. They’re two things that go together. At least they do here at Mavidea!

We find that pursuing a lifetime passion for learning – which we call “becoming a servant of knowledge” – attracts both people we want to do business with and people we’d like to hire.

Of course, to us, it’s not enough to just be on the path to knowledge. We want to have fun doing it!

It creates a really nice dynamic. Because when you hire people who are all on the same page about not just where you’re going – you find you’ll start going places in really interesting ways!

The top 6 discoveries of Mavidea culture

  1. Smart thinking and fun go together – If you ever stop by our office, don’t be surprised if you see paper airplanes flying or people in high-energy conversations. We don’t buy the stereotype that you have to be stuffy to work smart or to find the best solutions. Having fun keeps us from settling for “the usual.”
  2. Sense of ownership  – You know when you come to work here that people aren’t going to be looking over your shoulder. You get the feeling, “It’s up to ME to get this done.” Taking on personal responsibility from Day One really contributes to an environment where we’re always building leaders.
  3. Passion for continued success – This is something we look for in every person who joins our team at Mavidea. We feel it creates a thriving environment where everyone feels invested in the growth of the organization.
  4. Continued personal growth – We’re really invested in offering and finding growth opportunities for ourselves. We have members here who have come to us from much larger organizations. They feel they’ve found more opportunities to grow since coming to Mavidea. We support ongoing learning through seminars and other forms of learning. For example, we’ve twice sent people to Financial Peace University by Dave Ramsey. We also use and help expand Mavidea’s bookshelf. The shelf contains books that we consider essential to our work and culture. It’s always a topic of discussion and it grows and changes to include the information we most want to share.
  5. Spirit of giving – We’ve become very good at collaborating for the good of the community. We always have a number of activities going on that help improve the places we live and the people we serve. We also take care of our own.  For example, this year, we rallied in support of the family of an employee who passed away. We’re doing everything we can to support them through their loss. We also see more and more employees who are getting involved with causes they’re interested in. It all helps us stay connected to the reason we’re here and to our philosophy of service.
  6. Transparency – It’s a big word, but we try to make it simple in practice. Our open door policy goes way beyond most companies who say they support open door management. We frequently hold Town Hall Meetings where people have a real say in what happens at the company. And our Culture Club helps us ensure that our culture is something we can all believe in and work on. Because great cultures require careful maintenance!

Knowledge = energy

We’ve found that when you improve your own life, you give people around you energy that improves their own lives. All of these things help mold an excellent company because everyone actively works together to improve both themselves and our business.

We’d love to hear about the discoveries you’re making in creating your company’s culture. I hope you’ll contact us here at Mavidea to join the discussion.