Erik Barnlund

A Whirlwind Year in Review

Big changes at Mavidea in 2016 — and what’s happening next

The last year has been an absolute whirlwind.

When I look back on the last 12 months and think about how drastically different our lives and work were at the start of 2015, it’s almost unbelievable.

We’ve been blessed in so many ways. I’m humbled and grateful for all we’ve accomplished and the people we’ve been fortunate to serve.

We welcomed Maxlider Motors and moved to a new home

Mavidea and Maxlider New Home!

Last December, we took ownership of a 12,100 sq. ft. facility at 14170 Carole Dr. in Bloomington. We had dreams of it becoming the home of both Mavidea and our new Bronco restoration shop, Maxlider Brothers Customs.

The car restoration business was able to move in almost right away because of the pre-existing shop and showroom.

At the time, we had one part-time employee in that business. A year later, we have four full-time employees. We’re also riding the updraft of an accelerating interest in a revived Ford Bronco brand, plus a growing list of clients.

We’re doing all we can to keep up with this growth opportunity.

Maxlider Brothers Customs Staff

A space that echoes our purpose and values

The opposite side of the building provided a blank canvas that helped us realize a dream we’ve been working toward for a long time:  a home for Mavidea that aligns with our culture and values.

Starting in December 2014, we started the design and construction of an open-concept, high impact space with an industrial-inspired feel: High tech meets high touch.

The design was based around the actual workflow and culture of our business. We believe it supports and communicates the unique personality and culture we have here at Mavidea.

When your environment makes you more truly who you are

Probably the biggest benefit is that our clients and our staff absolutely love our new space. It’s helping them understand who we are today and who we’re trying to be tomorrow.

In the Mavidea blog, you may have heard me talk about the importance of having clarity and health inside your organization.

I can tell you firsthand that having a physical infrastructure that aligns with who you are is of the utmost importance.

Don’t get me wrong. It’s expensive (haha). But I wouldn’t change a thing.

Moving ahead to meet new markets

Just as our physical infrastructure has changed, so has the way we approach the marketplace. We have opened sales and marketing hubs in Nashville, TN, and Dallas, TX.

We’ve already brought clients on board from those markets.

It’s an amazing feeling to see the products and services you offer catch on outside of a community that knows and trusts you.

On the flip side, it’s one thing to welcome new clients from your own backyard. It’s another kind of challenge to do that outside your area!

This year, we’ve been excited to see our client base grow in all three markets  – and we’re stepping up to meet that challenge.

Thanks to the person at the center of this picture – YOU!

None of this would be possible without the support of our clients, staff, bankers and partners.

We’re incredibly grateful for the role you all play at Mavidea and Maxlider.

In 2016, we pledge to be good stewards of all we’ve been blessed with. We rededicate ourselves to taking great care of present relationships while growing toward opportunities and new possibilities we have yet to meet.

From all of us here at Mavidea and Maxlider, God bless you and your family throughout the coming year.