Michael Guarienti

The Website Design Sweet Spot: What It Is and How to Know If Your Website Is in It

Small businesses want to stand out from competitors. In fact, you could argue that they need to stand out in order to grow. One of the ways our clients stand out from their competitors is through having the best website in their area within their industry, and that's why they come to Mavidea.

But when I work on the design of a website, I don't want the design to stand out—I actually try to make it invisible. In other words, the design has to be seamless. If a visitor is distracted by the design, even if it's innovative and revolutionary, then they aren't focused on the actual business or what's being offered.

While there is certainly value in gaining the attention of your customers with something eye-catching, your website should be about your customers and give them what they want and need. And when someone is in need of a new furnace, a bank loan, or what your business provides, giving them the information they need quickly in an attractive manner without distractions is more important than blowing them away with a $50,000 website.

In web design for small businesses, there is a careful balance needed between design and user-friendliness, the latter being much more important than the uniqueness of the design. If and when we work on a new website for your business, I want the design to be invisible so your business can truly stand out, instead of an innovative yet distracting design.

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