Jake Davis

The Seasons of Life

As promised, today’s email is the next in the Jim Rohn series talking about the seasons of life.


Jim starts by asking if it is reliable that spring comes after winter.  He responds with “6000 years that we know of.”

One of my favorite things about Jim Rohn is that he says things so simply and gets to the truth.  It has been proven throughout history that all winters are followed by spring.  I think that is why he says you need to get stronger, wiser and better in the winter.  You need to be getting ready for spring, because it is coming.

Jim says we need to be good at one of two things, planting in the spring or begging in the fall.

We must learn to execute during the spring time.  We must recognize the opportunities and act on them.

Only a handful of springs have been handed to each of us, so get at it.  Don’t let the season pass and pass.

This was the part that really stuck in my head.  We are only given so many opportunities to take advantage of in life.  Every day that we let go by without moving towards our goals is a day we will never get back.  We will never get that opportunity back.

I think this analogy applies to our industry and some of the things going on.  For instance, we should look at cloud computing as a “spring” in the IT world.  We are only going to get one chance to plant in this cloud computing season.  Now is the time to seize that opportunity.

It also applies to the general economy.  Depending on which pundit you listen to, the economy is on the rebound.  Now is the time to take advantage and drive our business forward.