Erik Barnlund

Living like Rock Stars


What it means when the beat you dance to is Customer Happiness.

When one of our customers LOVES what we do (and this happens A LOT), it’s time to crank up the team appreciation at Mavidea. 

This might look kind of funny to you, but to us it’s really cool. It’s called the Rock Star Award.

When positive customer comments come rolling in, we turn up the volume to make the accolades public throughout our entire organization.trophy

The Mavidean in the starring role gets to claim the traveling Rock Star Award.



And most of all, AWESOME.

This bedazzled trophy tells everyone who sees it that this person, and this team went above and beyond to make our customers HAPPY.

Morale goes up. Customer loyalty goes up. And everybody wins.

And this rock keeps rockin’.

At the end of the quarter, the person who has claimed the Rock Star Award the most times gets the conference room named after them for the next quarter.

How The Rock relates to our customers.

The Rock isn’t just a silly tradition. Its real meaning is the supporting role it plays for our customers. It’s an outward recognition of the KPIs we track every day with our Customer Happiness measurement.

Once our team members start becoming involved with this tool, they understand how it serves as one of the many voices we provide to our clients. It’s a daily measure that’s taken very seriously.

Our customers know we take this input back to our teams. They understand it’s going to be reflected in the service that is returned to them. It also lets our customers know that they have a voice in the service relationship.

How does your business rock service?

Here are a few questions to the people reading this:

  1. What strategies does your business use to rock your customers?
  2.  Do you give your customers an opportunity to voice how they feel about your products or services?
  3.  How do you recognize your employees when you receive positive comments from your clients?

We’re interested in listening to new ideas and putting them to work at Mavidea. If you’ve got a Rock Star worthy vision or a technology you want to explore, let’s make the connection.