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How to Break a Business Growth Plateau

Without Losing Your Business Identity A growing new business goes through a series of plateaus. Whether it’s $500,000, a million or beyond. Your road to success requires you to realize the plateau you’ve reached and work to break through it. Through my experience with industry organizations and speaking engagements, I’ve seen hundreds of businesses that… Continue Reading

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The 3 Key Steps to Getting More Business from the Internet

For any business looking to conquer the digital realm, you need three things: visibility, user experience and you. That’s all. It’s not rocket science. Visibility + User Experience + You = Conversions. Anybody can figure out that equation! It’s a winning formula and just having parts of the three pieces probably won’t net you much… Continue Reading

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Are you a Michael Jordan or a Phil Jackson?

What’s your team leadership style? As a child, I watched Michael Jordan’s career unfold.  I saw the way he would often will the team to win by taking almost complete responsibility for clinching that game. It was an amazing thing to watch, because you knew that somehow…he would find a way to pull it out… Continue Reading

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Before + After: Bartell Powell

We recently launched a new website for a local Champaign law firm, Bartell Powell. Bartell Powell is a law firm that has a large focus on start-ups, and having their website be inviting to that market was important to them. The Old Design Their old design was not attracting enough of the right clientele and was not

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Selling Your Best Asset: Your People

Last week we discussed how to sell your services without talking about them. Today we’ll take a look at another approach, but start you off with an extremely complicated and complex (just kidding) question to introduce the idea. Here

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Tame Your Inbox!

Email has become the primary form of communication at businesses large and small.  This can cause an inbox overload that can be difficult to overcome.  I’m going to share

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Before + After: Freedom to Update

We recently launched BitAML’s new website. BitAML’s old site looked very nice but it had one major problem – the owner was unable to

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Maintaining Our Culture as We Grow

Developing a company culture is so much more straightforward when everyone reports to the same home office. You see the same teams of people frequently. And if you’ve been successful in building a healthy corporate culture, your business becomes your home away from home. It’s the people you do life with every day.  It’s your… Continue Reading

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Blogging about You, Without Talking about You…

The saga continues…you need to write new content for your website consistently through a blog, but it seems to take an unreal amount of time and it doesn’t seem to be generating any new business for you. So you’re wondering what you’re doing wrong or if you’re wasting your time…you’re not! But you might need… Continue Reading

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