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How “Firing Bullets” Can Misfire in the Transparent Organization

Why this strategy sometimes causes confusion. And what you can do to restore clarity. Because we’re a technology group, we always need to explore different directions to keep ahead of our fast changing marketplace. We’ve found that one of the most effective ways to explore innovative strategies is to do what Jim Collins in his… Continue Reading

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Lake Run Club: Before + After

We created Lake Run Club’s website back in 2013 and it had come time for a redesign of their website.  All of our clients have the option to get their website redesign every 2 years – and because technology changes so fast most client choose to do so! For this redesign we got the opportunity… Continue Reading

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Are You a Strategic Leader or a Tactical Leader?

Actually, the best leaders combine a little of both. But whichever way you trend, it’s important to know how (and when) to tap into your strategic or tactical side to use it

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Mobile site

The Importance of a Strong Mobile Site for Your Business

Here’s a typical conversation I come across quite often in the business: Woman: “And have you considered optimizing your site for mobile?” Man: “Yes, but I’m just not sure it’s worth it. It seems like a lot of work, and we’d have to hire outside the company to get it done.” Woman: “What companies have… Continue Reading

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5 Management Monsters

Halloween Treat: 5 Management Monsters Most Likely to Drive You Insane

What business leaders are most likely to make you question your own sanity? Join Mavidea’s creepy, Halloween countdown. In honor of the creepiest of holidays, we’re going to count down our ghoul’s parade of the business culture’s most nightmarish leaders. Having to report to one of these management

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blog graphic 102015

Adding Video to Your Website – is it a Game Changer?

Looking for a way to spice up your website? Tired of the same old blocks of text, day in and day out? Still/stock photos just not doing enough for you these days? You’re not alone. Everybody is searching for the new additions that can, and will, make their website stand out among the rest. The… Continue Reading

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100615 Blog Graphic

How to Break a Business Growth Plateau

Without Losing Your Business Identity A growing new business goes through a series of plateaus. Whether it’s $500,000, a million or beyond. Your road to success requires you to realize the plateau you’ve reached and work to break through it. Through my experience with industry organizations and speaking engagements, I’ve seen hundreds of businesses that… Continue Reading

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Image roop

The 3 Key Steps to Getting More Business from the Internet

For any business looking to conquer the digital realm, you need three things: visibility, user experience and you. That’s all. It’s not rocket science. Visibility + User Experience + You = Conversions. Anybody can figure out that equation! It’s a winning formula and just having parts of the three pieces probably won’t net you much… Continue Reading

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Blog Graphic 092415

Are you a Michael Jordan or a Phil Jackson?

What’s your team leadership style? As a child, I watched Michael Jordan’s career unfold.  I saw the way he would often will the team to win by taking almost complete responsibility for clinching that game. It was an amazing thing to watch, because you knew that somehow…he would find a way to pull it out… Continue Reading

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