Mavidea Bolt-onInternet Marketing Bolt On Services are just that, they bolt on to the core engine. Available exclusively to Mavidea FirstSearch™ customers, Mavidea offers these amazing bolt ons so you can further customize your internet marketing campaigns and get the most from your digital marketing investment.

Ad Buying and Management

With ad buying opportunities from Google, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and all the other major social networks, plus access to hundreds of thousands of their ad network partners, there has never been this much access to the market. This all means new possibilities for reaching the exact demographic at the moment that matters most. Targeting, retargeting, measuring and return on investment metrics enable highly effective new customer acquisition at a fraction of what it used to cost. If you’re growing your business, we can help you understand if customer acquisition costs in these digital marketing channels means growth for your business model.  

A/B Landing Page Optimzation

Once Ad buying is optimized and click-through rates are at their best, it’s time to move down the funnel and make sure your landing pages are optimized through the scientific process of A/B testing. Our smart pages are designed to randomly assign click-throughs to one of two pages; our control page and our second variation landing page.  Each designed around five key conversion elements. Once we understand which page converts at a higher percentage it becomes the new control and we dub it the ‘champion’, the second page becomes a variation of it and we dub it the ‘challenger’. Click-throughs cost money and this service makes sure that each dollar invested has the highest probability of reaching your bottom line. Let the inner office pools begin on what page will convert more customers!

Social Media Management

Online communities have become where word-of-mouth happens and it’s become more and more apparent that future generations make buying decisions online. Your brand needs to exist in the right places in the right way and at the right time to continue to grow loyalty in your community and across your territory. Mavidea’s Social Media Management services help you navigate where you need to be, how you can contribute to the community in meaningful ways, and turn those contributions on autopilot so they are happening when it matters most

Content Services

Content is still king in your digital marketing campaign. Shareability is the single largest factor in your virility effect and great meaningful content is what is useful to the communities you contribute to and is what gets read and shared. Our content services include copy, photography, and video and are designed to multiply your organizations thought leaders' time. Content plans are designed around your availability and they start from one hour a quarter. One hour a quarter on your calendar can produce 3 web videos, 3 blog posts and 3 podcasts to be published in the communities that matter most to your brand throughout each quarter. 

Advanced Reputation Management

Your company’s brand is it’s reputation and the degree to which people trust your brand is the degree to which your company will succeed in gaining and retaining customers. Trust is the single most important element to growth and sustainability. An investment in Reputation Management is an investment in your future growth and success. Reputation monitoring combined with real-time alerts and response planning protects your brand and shows customers that you are listening and ready to stand behind your offering.