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Nelson Family Counseling Before + After Website Design by Mavidea

Nelson Family Counseling is owned and operated by Kate Fagan-Nelson, a licensed clinical social worker with over 25 years of experience. Kate provides a wide variety of counseling services to individuals, children, couples, and schools.

Explained on her website, Kate describes the value she offers her clients. "I develop custom treatment plans based on your personal goals. I use these goals to help you develop skills you can use right away and throughout your life."

Marketing and establishing a web presence is an important part of reaching a wider audience to allow Kate and Nelson Family Counseling to help more people. Kate worked with Mavidea to showcase her business and the help she offers through a brand new website.


The original Nelson Family Counseling website was not listed on Google. When potential clients searched for Nelson Family Counseling or for services that Kate provides online, only her competitors would appear. This caused her business to miss out on opportunities to gain new clients.

The previous website was also difficult to navigate and did not list important information, including contact information. Without being able to contact the business, people interested in Nelson Family Counseling's services had a hard time connecting with Kate and learning more about the services she provides.


In addition to creating a new design, layout, and sitemap, Mavidea's team helped write new attractive taglines and website copy that share the value Kate brings to her clients. Mavidea also designed the site to perform well on search engines, making sure that it's included on Google's index.

The new website has clear contact information listed in the top-right corner of the website, a new sitemap that is easy to navigate, and a new blog that Kate will use to share information, news, and tips with current and future clients.

View the new Nelson Family Counseling website at nelsonfamilycounseling.com.

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