MavideaSITE Premium Monthly Website Service

Advanced, custom, smart, and interactive. These are a few words used to describe the MavideaSITE Premium website service. This is a professional custom website built for a unique to your business user experience. This package is not for everyone - but for businesses and non-profits that want their website to be the cornerstone of their marketing and a highly effective tool in converting shoppers to buyers. This package is the "jumping off" point to e-commerce packages as well.

The majority of Mavidea websites range from $199 - $500/month

MavideaSITE Premium Website Features

This is an overview of the main features included in a MavideaSITE Premium website package. Hosting and security updates are also included, along with other features you would expect in a well built and secure website.

NOTE: These are the main features, but a MavideaSITE Premium website includes several customizations that will be determined by your business and our web team for a fully customized experience.

WordPress content management system

  • All Mavidea websites are built on WordPress
  • It's the most popular choice, powering over 75 million websites worldwide
  • WordPress is very SEO friendly
  • (Ecommerce sites are built on Shopify)

Creative/technical support hours

  • This website package includes 12 hours of creative/technical support each quarter
  • Support hours for any content/imagery updates
  • Most service tickets are completed in 1 business day

Extra features

  • Choose any 4 features for your site
  • These create a more user-friendly and engaging website experience for your visitors
  • Examples:
    • Site search
    • Blog
    • Calendar
    • Scheduling

Strategy meeting 

  • Every website begins with a full website team strategy meeting to build a smart website, not just attractive.
  • The meeting includes brainstorming and design concepts based on your website visitors, goals, and industry
  • Website team includes: Website Adviser, Strategy Leader, Website Developer, Website Designer, Content Writer

Responsive design

  • Mavidea websites look good on all screen sizes (desktop, tablet, mobile phone, etc.)
  • Responsive/mobile websites are very important to online success.
  • More shoppers visit websites from their mobile device than from desktop computers
  • Google's mobile-first index is important, and this keeps your website up to date with their standards

25+ content pages

  • This website package includes 25+ content pages set up by our team
  • You can add as many additional content pages as you'd like after we train you on the WordPress platform
  • You can also use your future support hours for additional pages

Fully custom website design 

  • MavideaSITE Premium websites are custom designed - a great choice for businesses that want to stand out from their competition and give a good first impression to new customers.
  • Custom designs allow us to communicate your brand and your business in a unique way that looks and feels different than other websites.
  • We also have more freedom to create the best user experience for your visitors that will compel them to contact you

Is This the Right Package for You?

This website package is a fit for businesses that have several customization needs or a lot of content.

It's a great fit for:

  • Larger service businesses that have several services and/or target both businesses and residential. In addition, want employee/client login portals, interactive maps, have multiple locations, etc.
  • Retail businesses that want to sell more than 5 products online in an e-commerce store.
  • Established businesses with over $1mil in revenue.
  • Businesses such as: churches, large non-profits, government entities, hospitals, real estate, healthcare offices, ag businesses, fabrication, manufacturers, landscaping, roofing, construction, HVAC, PR agencies, e-commerce stores, and others that have customization needs or want to sell products online.

Ready for more information? The next step is to schedule a call with one of our team members. This is a short 15 minute call to understand your business, determine if we are a fit to work together, and then provide accurate pricing for your project.


MavideaSITE Premium Website Examples


"From the initial consultation where they spent a considerable amount of time asking about my business and my goals for the site, to the end product where I've received numerous compliments for its ease of use and visual design. The best part... the people are really good to work with, which has made the process nearly stress free. " 
John Moss, President of The Loranda Group
LorandaGroup (1)

360 Yield Center


The new and improved 360 Yield Center Website gives visitors a quick and up-close view of their products and explains how the company will help a visitor increase their farm's yield. "With a team of experienced and passionate farmers, agronomists, and engineers, we develop solutions to help you maximize yield efficiently."

Read their before + after story

DRIVEN underwent a complete rebrand. After redesigning their logo and writing their own content, Mavidea helped Driven complete their rebranding with website strategy and execution. Mavidea's SEO expert Jason Lerblance worked with them to properly integrate keywords into their content to make sure pages will appear high on search engines.

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We took complicated aspects of the previous BossTek site, including their case studies page, which is now searchable, and simplified and condensed to make things easier for visitors to find. The new BossTek website is a great representation of the quality products and the value they provide to customers. The homepage now has clear calls to action and an attractive video background that shows their products in action.

Read their before + after story

Next Steps

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Get pricing for your website

Every Mavidea website is custom quoted. We have created several packages that fit 95% of our clients but like to make sure we deliver exactly what your business needs. Complete the questionnaire and we will send you recommendations and pricing for your project. We may contact you for additional info.