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Why Fully Managed IT Services are NOT About the Technology

Mavidea, alongside website development and marketing services, offers fully managed IT services for small business. One of the most common misconceptions about managed IT services is that the service is mainly about the technology offered and maintained as part of the service. It's not, and if any company is offering you IT services and is only relying on the strength of the technology they offer, run!

Managed IT is more about the "I" (information) than the "T" (technology)

Technology is constantly changing and an extremely important part of nearly every business, however, for the most part, all companies have access to the same equipment.

What's Different

Although all companies can have the same technology, what sets them apart is their leadership team, processes they have in place, and of course, their employees. Managed IT should always be composed of the same three components:

Leadership: Clients of a managed IT services company need to have someone able and willing to lead the management of their IT. Who will they call when they have a problem? How will they know what to do when an IT question arises? This leader has to be knowledgeable and available in order to help the client.

Processes: Mavidea uses a set of 180 checkpoints to not only ensure that a client's system is working properly but to measure how their IT is performing in relation to their goals and key performance indicators (KPIs). Managed IT companies need to be able to see how and know when their clients are starting to go out of alignment and correct the problem before it negatively impacts their business.

Employees: Not every company has the capability to bring in a senior-level tech expert to handle their IT system. Businesses that provide managed IT services are able to staff experts who can then serve a number of clients.

Removing Risk

The best service-based IT companies take the risk out of the picture for their clients, and this goes far beyond the technology they're using. They can do this because of their leadership, the processes they have in place, and the employees who will be available to anticipate, spot, and fix problems for their clients, and that’s exactly what we work with clients to do here at Mavidea.

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