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DRIVEN: Before + After Website Design by Mavidea

DRIVEN is an integrated brand marketing company that "cuts through the market clutter with disruptive, impactful integrated brand marketing communications consulting, strategy, activation, and bold results."

They work with companies and individuals looking for news coverage to help get attention to their brand. See recent projects here, including their work with movies and hit television shows.


The previous DRIVEN website was originally created to present the company as a leader in public relations. Similar to how PR and marketing have changed and evolved over the years, so has DRIVEN. They are now an integrated marketing company that offers a wide variety of valuable services to clients. They needed a website that matched their new focus and expertise in the industry.


DRIVEN underwent a complete rebrand. After redesigning their logo and writing their own content, Mavidea helped Driven complete their rebranding with website strategy and execution. Mavidea's SEO expert Jason Lerblance worked with them to properly integrate keywords into their content to make sure pages will appear high on search engines.

The new site is engaging and interactive. On the homepage, under images at the top from recent photo shoots and television coverage, clear calls to action are presented to visitors based on DRIVEN's offerings. This allows visitors to read about each service briefly and click "Learn More" to get additional information about that offering, from consulting to integrated brand marketing.

The new attention-capturing DRIVEN website also features an attractive portfolio page to showcase their recent successes.

The new website does a great job reflecting their brand, who they are, and what they have to offer clients. What do you think? Visit DrivenPublicRelations.com.

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