Mavidea’s Credo

The Credo

As Mavideans,

we share our laughter with others, we put others needs before our own, & we do what's right, the right way, at the right time.

We aspire...

to be disciplined, to serve with humility, to finish what we start, to own our results, to focus on the positive, to be good stewards, and to be even better tomorrow.

The Values

Core values center everything we do

  • We have a sense of humor,
  • care about people, and
  • do what's right.

Aspirational values are what we strive for

  • to be disciplined
  • to serve with humility
  • to finish what we start
  • to own our results
  • to focus on the positive
  • to be good stewards, and
  • to be even better tomorrow.