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Before + After: The School Shop

The School Shop is led by a mother-daughter team who are passionate about their mission of providing quality products, community support and exemplary service to customers.

They came to Mavidea with a unique request and we were excited to help them!

The Before

The School Shop came to us with a unique request - they needed to simplify their website and take down their online store. It was creating more trouble than treasure and they wanted to remove that portion of their site.

E commerce stores are a great revenue stream for many retail stores/businesses, but it's not a fit for everyone!


They also wanted to communicate to the Bloomington/Normal community that they sold more than supplies for teachers, but also tons of developmental toys and games for children. What is so unique about the School Shop, is that many of their staff are retired/former teachers with a passion for learning and helping parents buy the right tools to help their children succeed! You won't find that kind of passion and experience on Amazon...

The After

We were excited to accept the challenge and reinvent their website without the ecommerce store.

Once we removed the store, next was communicating the most important features of The School Shop: their staff and their services!

We created a Meet Our Staff page with primary main menu navigation, that showcased each staff member and their unique educational background.

Next, we created a Services page that shares all of the great services they provide for both parents and teachers, including personal shopper and gift wrapping.

Lastly, the site was developed on WordPress for easy editing. The site is equipped with a responsive design and mobile site - making sure everyone can easily navigate their site no matter the screen size.

Desktop & Laptop


More pages...

Mobile Site

Responsive Design on iPad

photo 1

Thank you to The School Shop for trusting us with your website! We love working with you! 

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