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Before + After: Reaching a Diverse Audience

First Christian Church in Decatur, Illinois has been a long time client of Mavidea's. We designed their previous website two years ago and it was time for a redesign (we recommend a redesign every two years!) to keep them modern and up to date on the latest technology. 

Previous Website 

First Christian's biggest hurdle with their website is catering to their vast and diverse audience. Most businesses/organizations have 2-3 types of visitors, but churches have a dozen or more that are all visiting their site for different reasons.

Their current site was doing a good job catering to their audiences, but they wanted to do better and find ways to really engage every visitor. 

They also wanted to update their design for responsiveness and modernization.


The Redesign

We took some time to meet with First Christian and get an understanding of their goals and vision for the redesign.

With their diverse audience in mind, First Christian chose to use a hamburger navigation on their desktop design. This allows visitors to easily find information by choosing from one of the main pages and then finding a more in depth navigation within that section.

We redesigned the homepage graphics to create a responsive and dynamic experience that communicated their passion for people and Jesus. 

Desktop & Laptop



Example of other pages on the site:

Mobile Site

Responsive Design on Android Tablet


We enjoyed working with First Christian on their redesign! A fun challenge to help them cater to their many audiences. And with a Mavidea website, they will enjoy ongoing support and maintenance to keep their site running smoothly without worry.

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