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Before + After: KDC Outdoors

Kameran Carpenter is CEO and inventor of the Bow Lap Strap. He designed and developed a simple, hands-free device that supports your bow on your lap. His business, KDC Outdoors sells this product to hunters.

KDC Old Website

He needed a website to sell his new invention, so Kameron built his first site himself. After awhile, he needed a new site that would work well for him and help sell his product. KDC Outdoors was the winner of a startup business contest and he received a new website from Mavidea and video services from another company.

Before_KDC Outdoors (1)

We were excited for Kameron and eager to build him a new site to sell his invention!

KDC After

Most of the "extra" stuff was done by Kameron - he provided the video (from the services he won) and new content that he wrote.

We built him a site that was user friendly, well designed, and easy for shoppers to buy his product. Lastly, his new site is responsive - allowing for easy viewing no matter the screen size.

Desktop & Laptop

Mobile Website

Responsive Website Design on iPad

Congratulations to KDC on your new website and winning the startup contest! We wish you years of success.

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