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3 Reasons You’re Disappointed with Your Website

In my last post, we showed you that the average business owner rates their website a D-. Part of the reason a lot of organizations aren’t doing something about it is because they’re not sure about whom to trust with building their company website.

They know it’s a project that could have a huge impact on the future of their business. And they fear taking action will be time-consuming and costly.

Never, ever fear. It’s time to stop procrastinating and start getting past the roadblocks that are stalling your online business success.

Why businesses lack trust in website developers

Part of the reason is that our industry is really still in its infancy. Up to this point, most businesses have only seen three sides of service providers. They’re at completely opposite ends of the spectrum!

Here at Mavidea, we’ve built success for an entire range of small to medium businesses. We’ve done it by helping them right size the latest and most effective web technologies in ways that are affordable for their business.

We package it in attractive and user-friendly web designs that give your business the professional presence it deserves.

1.  What you DON’T NEED: A large, expensive project

The first type of web service provider offers to build you a capital-intensive website project. It’s way more than your business needs and can afford.

But regardless of the fancy bells and whistles, it still falls short of the serious technology your growing business needs to market to your customers successfully.

Even more painful is the money involved. You had to spend a chunk of money to start the project and then shell out another hefty payment when your website was delivered.

The cost of a website from those kinds of web builders is hard for a small business to deal with financially. And once your new website was posted, no one bothered to stay in touch.

Or maybe, you found keeping your site always fresh and up to date (so important today!) was just too expensive.

2.  What you don’t need: Part time results

On the other hand, there are a lot of people who moonlight at doing website design. These days, just about anyone with a computer and a design program can create a placeholder website.

However, a lot of businesses find that sites created by part-time providers don’t get them the results they were looking for.

Maybe the website looked ok, but the work took a long time and the messaging and content weren’t as polished and professional as you hoped. Most importantly, your site wasn’t built to meet current usability, online retail storefront and search engine optimization standards.

A simple, inexpensive site may have saved you some money, but often times, you get what you pay for. Worse still, you’re likely to find you’re still not in the ballpark you need to be for your business to be competitive.

3.  What you don’t need:  Do-it-yourself (DIY) web packages

DIY service providers are the $50-100 a month DIY website tools you often see advertised on TV. And although I love the concept, it’s flawed. That’s because it’s impossible to create a piece of software that provides a truly easy and comprehensive way to build a successful commercial website.

Despite what these companies lead you to believe, it’s complicated! I know, because I once tried to do it myself.

I’m ashamed to say that even though I’m a certified graphic designer – and have been designing websites for 20 years -- I still couldn’t figure out how to use the darn tool!

And if I can’t figure out how to use a DIY website tool, I can’t imagine how someone who doesn’t have knowledge of things like CSS, and HTML and usability standards would even get started.

Here’s another thought: 98% of DIY websites that have been started have never actually been finished.

Most of the time, the business owner wastes countless hours that might have been better have been spent taking care of their business.

The last thing a business owner needs to do is waste 100 hours trying to build a website and end up with nothing to show for it.

No wonder small businesses are hesitant to build the website their companies need and deserve! Fortunately, there is an affordable, fun and effective way to build the website your business desperately needs.

What you DO need:  A growth-smart web strategy, sized right for small business

Just because your business is small doesn’t mean you have to settle for placeholder performance. With Mavidea, you can start with a basic website that covers all of your bases or go for a fully customized site that makes you stand out against your competition.

If you thought only big businesses could take advantage of services like these, YOUR  business might be missing out on some revenue-building opportunities!

At Mavidea, we know that the road to creating a website can be scary, intimating and difficult. That’s why we established a package of services that start with the goals that you want to achieve for your business. We then create a plan that helps you achieve those goals.

The bonus is, it’s inexpensive.

At Mavidea, our packages are designed to help you get a website that you can be incredibly proud of – and it’s easy to afford.

Our monthly service will not only build you a beautiful website, but it’s the start of an ongoing relationship that keeps your website fresh, relevant and productive.

Our web design team works with you to make the needed changes and improvements necessary to keep people coming back to your website when they need your product or services.

Trust Mavidea results

At Mavidea, we have a passion for helping small businesses. We invite you to take a look at our gallery of websites. We specialize in producing great looking, high performing websites for companies like yours.

Make plans now to share your vision with our team. Trust in our proven capabilities to make your online strategy a success.

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